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◆How can I rent a Campervan?

Step1.Please click here: https://japan-crc.com/en/#entry-form. Please select place of rent, date and time, camper class, and send. If you want to know the fee, please use price simulation.

Step2. We will reply within 72 hours. If you do not receive our reply within 72 hours, please check your spam box.

Step3. Please reply to the e-mail to make a reservation. Reservation is completed after receiving your reply.

Step4. We will inform you about documents necessary for renting. Please attach required documents and reply us.

Details about required documents are here:

Step5. Our settlement company ‘Square’ will send the invoice 2 months before the day of rent. Please check the amount and make a payment by credit card.

◆What documents are required for rental?

· Passport
・International driver’s license / Driver’s license and its Japanese translation
If you have a driver’s license issued by the country which is a member of the Geneva Convention, please acquire an international driver’s license.

If you have a license issued by the country of Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, or Monaco, you are required to carry your driver’s license and OFFICIAL Japanese translation of the license.

※ Issuance of translation to Japanese
Japanese translation of your driver’s license can be issued at the embassy or consulate of each country or each JAF branch in Japan. For JAF, please check the following page.
For customers from Taiwan, Japanese translation of your driver’s license can be issued by JAF or Association of Southeast Relations.

【JAF Page】

We also have translation service (10,000 yen/driver’s license). If you want that option, please attach your driver’ license (clear color copy, both sides), and reply us.


◆Can I return Camper van at different place from place of rent?

It is available only in Tokyo area (Shinagawa, Ebisu, and Futako-Tamagawa).

※ You can not return the camper to different place between different sales offices.Other

◆Where is the place of rent and return?

< Tokyo C.R.C.> Shinagawae Sta. / Ebisu Sta. / Futako-Tamagawa, Sta./ Ryogoku Office
<Narita C.R.C.> Narita Sales Office / Narita International Airport (free shuttle service)
<Yokohama C.R.C.> Yokohama Sales Office
<Osaka C.R.C.> Osaka Sales Office / Namba Sta. (Free allocation service) / Tennoji Sta (Free allocation service) / Kansai International Airport (pay delivery)
<Okayama C.R.C.> Okayama Sales Office / Okayama Sta. (pay delivery)
<Aomori C.R.C.> Aomori Sales Office / Aomori Hachinohe Sta. (Free allocation)
<New Chitose C.R.C.> New Chitose Sales Office / New Chitose Airport (free shuttle service)
<Asahikawa C.R.C.> Asahikawa Sales Office / Asahikawa Airport (free shuttle service)
<Okinawa C.R.C.> Naha Sales Office
<Sanin C.R.C.> Sanin Sales Office / Yonago Airport (free allocation service) / Yonago Sta. (free allocation service) / Tottori Airport (pay delivery) / Izumo Airport (pay delivery)
<Kyoto C.R.C.> Kyoto Sales Office

◆How can I pick up the camper at the airport?

We make SNS group before your arrival (WhatsApp, Line, or Skype).
Please contact us throughSNS group when you are ready for pick up. We will pick you up after that.

Rental Vehicles

◆What types of Campervans are there?

· HighEnd RV Camper (Class C)
TOYOTA Hiace and TAYOTA Camroad based vehicles
Excellent running performance and interior spaces are full of luxury.
It is top class camper in Japan.

【Representative Vehicle】
TOYOTA Hiace Serengeti

· Standard RV Camper (Class C)
Characterized by reasonable price and compact body size which is easy to handle.
It is recommended for customers who drive camping car for the first time.

【Representative Vehicle】
MAZDA BongoTruck Amity

HighEnd Camper (Class B)
Toyota Hiace based vehicles
Only its interior is remodeled for exclusive use of camping.
This is the highest class camper in this type.

【Representative Vehicle】
TOYOTA Hiace Precious
※ HighEnd Campers are available only in Tokyo area (Shinagawa, Ebisu, or Futako-Tamagawa).

· Standard Camper (Class B)
Toyota Hiace based vehicles.
Only its interior is remodeled for exclusive use of camping.It is the one that you can use at reasonable prices with less equipment compared to HighEnd Camper

【Representative Vehicle】
TOYOTA Hiace Zelt
※ Standard Campers are available only in Tokyo area (Shinagawa, Ebisu, or Futako-Tamagawa).

Equipment to Rent

◆What options are available?

Here is a list of options.

◆Is multilingual GPS available?

It is installed only in some vehicles belonging to Tokyo C. R.C. and New Chitose C.R.C.
Comment on form if you prefer the camper with multilingual GPS.

◆Can I rent an ETC card?

It is available only at New Chitose Saes Office and Narita Sales Office. (300 yen / day)

◆What is Hokkaido Express Pass?

Hokkaido Expressway Pass is a service that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways, for one fixed price.

◆Can I rent WIFI?

It is available only at Tokyo area (Shinagawa, Ebisu, and Futako-Tamagawa,\) with limited stocks.
No other stocks have option stock

◆Do I need to attach child seat(s)?

Under the law of Japan, children under the age of 6 are required to sit on child seats. You can rent it at 500 yen/day.
(Three children under the age of 12 are counted as two adults.)


◆How can I pay?

After confirming your reservation, we will send an invoice via email from the settlement agent (Square.inc) 2 months before date of rent.
Please verify the amount and enter your card information, and make a payment within 1 week.
※ We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover.
Click here for Square.inc

◆Are there any discount?

If the rental period is longer than 3 days, we discount as below from the usage fee.
· 3 days (72 hours) or more: 5% discount
· 5 days (120 hours) or more: 10% discount
· 10 days (240 hours) or more: 20% discount
· 30 days (720 hours) or more: 30% discount

Change reservation

◆Can I add options after reservation is confirmed?

· You can add options until 14 days before the day of rent only if there are stocks.

◆Can I change the time of rent/ return?

· You can change the time of rent/return until 14 days before the day of rent.

Cancellation Fee

◆What is the cancellation policy?

· You can add options until 14 days before the day of rent only if there are stocks.

◆Can I change the time of rent/ return?

Cancellation fee depends on when you cancel your reservation..
· 8 days before or more: 10% of total amount※
· 7 days before: 20% of total amount
· 6 to 2 days before: 30% of total amount
· Day before the day of rent (within business hours): 80% of total amount
· On the day of rent: 100% of total amount

※ After reservation confirmation, 10% cancellation fee will be charged up to 8 business days prior to departure for reservations that include high season or premium season.


◆What is damage deposit?

Apart from the rental fee, we require 100,000 yen as a damage deposit by credit card on the day of rental. We will refund the full amount within 2 weeks if the vehicle is not defective at the time of return.

We take the part of fee from the deposit if the camper is returned under the following conditions:
· Damages or spots on the outside of the camper
· Rental options are damaged or lost
· Gasoline is not full
· Time of return is extended

Non-Operation Charge

◆What is Non-Operation Charge (NOC)?

NOC is imposed during repairing period in the case of damage, theft, etc. since it causes sales opportunity loss.
【Amount of NOC for Vehicle】
in the case the car does not move by itself and not to be returned to the place of expected 150,000 yen
in the case the car moves by itself and returned to the place of expected 100,000 yen

【Amount of NOC for Equipment】
In case it is unusable · · · · · · · · 100% of purchase price of substitute item
When repair is required · · · · · repair days × rental fee per day of the corresponding item × 50%


◆What is Anshin (Safe) Compensation Service?

Except for the accident against vehicle, customers bear the repair cost of the damage of vehicle (interior and exterior). By applying for this service, customer’s burden of repair cost of vehicle will be suppressed to the fixed amount.

Service charge: 2,000 yen (tax excluded) /day
Upper limit of payment for repairing: 100,000 yen per each accident (excluding tax)
※Non Operation Charge will be charged separately.


◆Can I cook inside the Camper van?

Smell inside the camping car and cooking which remains stains and spots are prohibited. Cleaning fee may be charged when the condition is bad.

◆Are there restrictions on mileage?

There is no restriction about travel distance and no additional charge.

◆Is there a toilet in the camper?

The toilet is not attached. Please use Road Stations, Service Areas, Convenience Stores etc.

◆Is there a shower in the camper?

There is no vehicle with a shower. Please use public bathing facilities

◆What is Road Station?

It is a facility for drivers equipped with “break function” such as parking lot and toilet which can be used for free of charge for 24 hours.

Click here for details