JAPAN C.R.C. Achieves Record High Inbound Sales

Campingcar Inc, the company operating "Japan Campingcar Rental center" announced that camper van rental sales for inbound customers in the fiscal year 2023 reached an all-time high. The company headquartered in Shibuya ward

Tokyo, September 21, 2023: Campingcar Inc, the company operating “Japan Campingcar Rental center” announced that camper van rental sales for inbound customers in the fiscal year 2023 reached an all-time high. The company headquartered in Shibuya ward, Tokyo, has strengthened the system in place to accept in response to the lifting of overseas travel restrictions for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

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Record-Breaking Sales Due to a Rapid Increase in Inbound Customers

The company’s camper van rental business experienced a significant decline in sales from 2020 to 2022 due to the global travel restrictions. However, in 2023, with the lifting of overseas travel restrictions, there was a substantial increase in demand for camper van rentals, leading to a full recovery and sharp rise in usage by foreign visitors to Japan.

As of September 21, 2023, inbound sales in camper van rentals broke the previous record high for 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic; final sales for the year ending September 30 are expected to increase significantly to approximately 140% of the 2019 sales figure.

Trends in Inbound Customers

From October 2022 to September 2023, inbound customers from 27 countries and regions around the world, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, rented campervans at Japan Campingcar Rental Center. Particularly, in mainland Japan, rental usage was prominent in areas around mountains such as Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps, as well as around lakes like the Goshikinuma and Lake Biwa. In Hokkaido, many customers utilized campers for skiing, snowboarding in Niseko, and mountaineering purposes.

Campingcar Inc has strived to provide a comfortable experience for a growing number of foreign visitors by understanding and adapting to these trends, including the multilingualization of its own website. According to Makoto Yorisada, President, and CEO of the company, “we will continue to further expand and strengthen our system and provide services tailored to meet the needs of our customers.”

Plans to increase the number of inbound support staff

Campingcar Inc is actively expanding its team of inbound support staff t in response to the growing inbound demand. The company is currently seeking individuals who can contribute to in various areas, including updating foreign-language camper van rental websites, handling inquiries, and managing the practical aspects of camper van rentals.

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