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How about enjoying a world-famous Japanese firework display with campervan?


~The tradition of fireworks festival is an important part of Japanese culture~


Summer in Japan brings up images of fireworks. In most parts of the world, fireworks are launched to celebrate special events. But in Japan, they are mainly used for enjoyment without any special reason. Millions of people throughout the country go to watch fireworks with their friends and family. If you visit Japan in summer, you should definitely go to a fireworks festival.


~Enjoy a firework display with campervan~


For the most popular firework displays, accommodation and transportation are also significant concerns. Smaller cities usually get booked out months ahead of popular fireworks together with nearby cities. Furthermore, crowded buses and trains pose an inconvenience especially after the end of the show. Because of traffic congestion, it is faster and more comfortable to driving a campervan instead of using buses and trains. We have prepared a special parking space for you where you can stay in the campervan during and after watching the fireworks without the crowds.


Fireworks bring the real feeling of summer in Japan. Come and enjoy Japan’s Summer Fireworks with our campervan!  You won’t be disappointed!

Now you can get tickets for Fireworks Festival from here,and do not forget to rent our campervan !